Nordic YoungHealth

Newsletter 1 2009

This newsletter includes objectives of the Nordic YoungHealth project and agenda of the kick-off meeting, including the presentations.

Objectives of the project:

  • Establish a platform for cooperation between consumer research institutions, authorities and fast food industries.
  • Secure Nordic young people (age 15-29) a voice in the development of viable and healthier fast food products.
  • Produce new knowledge on the personal, socio-economic and structural determinants influencing Nordic young people's food practices and preferences in the fast food sector.
  • Translate the knowledge into innovative concepts that can stimulate the development of healthier fast food products and menus and effective policies which can make healthier choices more easily available for young people.

The kick-off meeting
The kick-off meeting took place at Gardermoen, Norway. The meeting was divided in two; first a meeting with project partners and then with the reference group. The meeting took place 26. March 2009, and 21 persons participated.

Agenda of the kick-off
Part 1: Project partners

  • Presentation of project by Project leader SIFO/ Kjersti Lillebø
  • Role and introducing the project partners
  • Schedule, communication and publishing plans
  • Practical plans: WP2-3, Observation guide and survey instrument /SIFO
  • Funding and budget

Part 2: Reference group and Project partners
Part I: Project framework

  • Opening and welcome by Project leader Kjersti Lillebø, SIFO. Presentation of the project and project partners.
  • Presentation of the NICe focus area "Healthy Choices" by Senior Innovation Advisor Hilde Helgesen, Nordic Innovation Centre.
  • Presentation of the two related Nordic projects by Sisse Fagt, DTU Fødevareinstituttet and Pernille Baardseth, Nofima Mat.

Part II: The Nordic YoungHealth project

  • Project plans and schedule by Project leader Kjersti Lillebø, SIFO, Norway.
  • Presentation of the reference group
  • Presentation & discussion of Work package 4: Testing of new product by Research Scientist Alfons Ramel, University of Iceland.

Part III: Expectations, obligations and plans

  • Presentation of Work package 5: Multi-sectored workshop in Sweden, Fall 2009 by Senior Consultant Pernilla Jonsson, Kairos Future, Sweden


Important dates

November 26th 2009:
YoungHealth Workshop at Kairo's future, Stockholm. Preliminary results from the web survey and field work will be presented, and form a basis for the workshop. The multi-sectored workshop will bring Nordic researchers, relevant businesses actors, authorities and Nordic young people together to share knowledge and experiences & discuss healthier food options when on the go. A panel debate with young consumers and business actors will be held. This debate will function as an idea generating session where the young can come up with new food concepts based on their needs. This workshop will enable concrete suggestions to solutions in the fast food sector with regards to innovative developments of healthier food choices based on new data collection and consumer preferences.

November 2010:
YoungHealth Nordic Seminar in Copenhagen.