Healthier juice

15. September 2014

Many of the beneficial substances in berries are found in the skin and the seeds, but these components are discarded when the berries are pressed to give juice. A new and effective method has been developed to make use of the healthy residue.

Algae may replace fish oil in salmon feed

Photo: Jon-Are Berg-Jacobsen
Copyright: Nofima

12. September 2014

The salmon feed industry needs access to large volumes of new ingredients that contain omega-3. Experiments at Nofima have shown that a type of algae known as “heterotrophic algae” can fully replace fish oil in feed used for small salmon.

High pressure treatment gives better berries

Photo: Lidunn Mosaker Boge
Copyright: Nofima

24. August 2014

Scientists at Nofima have during the past three years been exposing food to extremely high pressures, to determine whether the pressure treatment gives healthier, safer and more tasty food. Berries are one food for which the treatment is successful.

Trawl-caught cod survive with vacuum pumping

Copyright: Nofima

19. August 2014

Experiments in collaboration with Nergård Havfiske AS show that pumping from the trawl’s cod-end is gentler for the fish than lifting the complete catch onto the deck. Survival is higher, quality higher, and we now know more about the design of future trawlers.

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