Photo: Kjell J. Merok
Copyright: Nofima

A major initiative in food safety - establishment of the Pathogen Pilot Plant

2. April 2014

“The food pilot plant at Campus Ås can save lives,” states the Norwegian Minister of Agriculture and Food Sylvi Listhaug, and adds that it forms a basis for international collaboration, and a closer collaboration between the marine and the agricultural sectors.

Tourists reporting fish catches

Photo: Ernst Furuhatt
Copyright: Ernst Furuhatt / / Bodø

24. March 2014

A web-based reporting system can give more reliable statistics for tourist catches and contribute to a knowledge-based and sustainable management of Norwegian fishing tourism.

Get access to Norwegian research facilities for free

Photo: Kjell Merok
Copyright: Nofima

20. February 2014

Through the EU-project AQUAEXCEL, European researchers can apply for conducting research experiments at several aquaculture research facilities in Europe. In Norway, Nofima has two research facilities that are very modern and highly equipped, with plenty of opportunities.

Commencement of EU project aimed at boosting aquaculture through selective breeding

Photo: Kjell Merok, Nofima
Copyright: Nofima

19. February 2014

FISHBOOST started this week at the host institute Nofima, with research, industry and NGO partners from nine European countries. The European research project FISHBOOST will advance European aquaculture to the next level for six aquaculture species.

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