Økonomisk fiskeriforskning

About "Økonomisk fiskeriforskning"

The journal Økonomisk fiskeriforskning is since volume 19/20 a peer reviewed scientific journal at level 1. The journal is available in both printed and electronic versions. The editor is Nofima - and we aim at two publications per year.

Økonomisk fiskeriforskning first edition was in 1991, and has until 2008 been one of many ways to publish scientific results from Nofima (former Fiskeriforskning). The topics for the articles are social science, economic analysis, perspective survey and foresight analysis, consumer research, research on industrial buying behaviour and marketing strategy, toghether with market analysis, market-based product development and strategic advising.

Welcome as an author

If you want to see if your article suit our journal - see the Guide for authors. If you have questions, please contact the editors on this e-mail address:


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