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Catch, handling and quality

Within the wild fish sector, Nofima Marin works along the entire supply chain from catch and processing through to the distribution of seafood products to retail outlets.

During the catch phase, Nofima Marin has particular focus on optimising the quality of fish and other marine raw materials through correct and efficient procedures for the use of fishing gear and the handling and storage of raw materials. Nofima Marin does not work with fishing boat and gear technology in the classical sense - the raw materials and products are our field of research.

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Research area within Catch, handling and quality

Gear and catch damage


From the moment the fish comes in contact with the fishing gear, the quality of the raw material can be influenced in a negative manner.

On board handling, cooling and storage

Draining the blood of cod and other white fish well is important for raw material quality regardless of use.

Pumping of fish


Use of pumps for catch handling is normally for pelagic fish such as herring and mackerel. In recent years, it has also become common to deliver white fish such as cod and haddock by pumping.