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Consumer and market research

Consumer and market research at Nofima focuses on four main themes related to food: knowledge about markets and market development, international terms of trade, buying behaviour at consumer and industrial level and market-based product development.

The objective is to improve the industry's ability to develop new products, develop new markets and to improve their communication strategies aimed at the consumers and customers. At the same time we want to develop knowledge that the authorities may use in food and health policy issues.

Market research

Nofima engages in research on marketing. Our research is theory-based but the emphasis is placed on knowledge of the industry and sector we are studying. Such background knowledge is essential in order to implement good investigations and analyses.

Research on buying behaviour is related to consumer behaviour and industrial buying behaviour, including markets, segments and niches. Typical main themes here include “What influences decisions?”, “What characterizes the decision-making processes?”, “How can markets be segmented?” and “How can the choices influenced?”

In recent years, institutional frameworks and market conditions - opportunities, barriers and structures - have often been related to international markets where cross-cultural aspects on the one hand and structural and legal factors on the other hand are important elements. The latter has been especially highlighted in recent years given that the use of trade barriers has become more prominent.

So-called non-tariff barriers to trade is a joint term for all non-tariff measures that can limit international trade, such as various forms of price regulation mechanisms, measures relating to customs and trade administration and various technical regulations. These measures may be legitimate public regulations designed to protect the environment, secure quality or protect public health etc. However, such measures may also be misused for protectionist aims or lead to unnecessary bureaucratic schemes.

We are researching the motives for use, the effect of and response to these measures.

Marked-based product development

The research in this area aims to produce research-based knowledge about how market-based product development occurs at the point of intersection between raw materials, technology, product and consumer. Work on this theme includes studies of barriers and success criteria for product development, consumer testing and evaluation of product concepts, identifying what is perceived as important product characteristics and how the raw materials and processes may be adapted to optimize these properties.

Research efforts in this area are directed both towards consumer markets as well as industrial markets and often include components from other specialist fields such as process, technology and raw material knowledge.

Strategy and effect

Strategy and the effect of the use of the four means (price, product, distribution and advertising / promotion) are also central components of the market research. Strategy development and measures are based on knowledge about key market conditions.

Thematically, the market perception concerning sustainability and ecolabelling is an important theme. We engage in research on this theme at both consumer and industrial level. The objective is to reveal what the consumers and customers think about this theme, how it affects their buying behaviour and to uncover the driving forces behind the development, its significance for the Norwegian seafood industry, and whether or, if so, how the environment may be used in the promotion of Norwegian seafood.

Another important theme is seafood and health, where we among other things draw attention to children's eating habits and opportunities for improving their diet.


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  • Pirjo Honkanen

    Director of Research, Consumer and marketing research

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Research area within Consumer and market research

Consumer/buying behaviour

The goal is to improve the industry's opportunities for developing new products and their communication strategies to consumers.

Industrial buying behaviour

How do the perceptions and attitudes of industrial buyers and other organisations influence the market opportunities for Norwegian actors?


How can Norwegian seafood companies achieve competitive advantages based on knowledge about marketing?

Product development

Research-based knowledge about how market-based product development occurs at the point of intersection between raw materials, technology, product and consumers.