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Knowledge of raw materials

The connections between quality of raw materials, process and food quality are complex. Today's competitive situation demands a high rate of product development, which makes innovation an important area within food production.

Nofima focuses on how to achieve a cost efficient production from optimising raw materials, ingredients and processes. Our researchers and specialists have great knowledge about raw materials, their properties and changes during the production process.

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  • Ragni Ofstad

    Research Director, Raw materials and Process Optimisation

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Research area within Knowledge of raw materials


The bakery sector has seen a huge increase in imported products over the course of many years. This has resulted in greater competition between bakeries for customers. To meet the competition, Norwegian bakeries have been forced to focus more intensively on product development.


Carbohydrates are important constituents of food which contribute to texture and flavour.


Variations in cereal quality are significant for both technological and health related properties. Nofima Mat focuses particularly on wheat, barley and oats.

Fat and oils

Fat (lipids) is a complex and important constituent of food and is of great significance to food's taste, texture and energy. Fat can be divided into saturated and unsaturated fat. Saturated fat comes primarily from animal products such as butter, cream, meat etc. Unsaturated fat comes primarily from fish and vegetable products such as plant oils, nuts etc.

Fruit, berries and vegetables

Research results show that a healthy diet is rich in "greens" - food based on plant raw materials such as fruit, berries, vegetables, pulses, plant oils, herbs and nuts.

Meat and meat products

In an ever more international market, the importance of efficient and sustainable meat production increases.

Proteins and proteomic

The significance of proteins for the quality of meat, fish and bakery goods is an important research area at Nofima Mat. The composition of proteins is important for the functional properties and the end product quality of the raw materials.


The raw material quality of seafood embraces appearance, taste, texture and hygienic and nutritional properties.