Research area

Processing Technology

- Gentle processes for optimal quality, safety and extended shelf life of food.

Nofima shall contribute to the inclusion of both industrial, research-based knowledge and professional experience-based competence of the catering industry in the development of new products and processes.

We shall achieve this through:

  • Strengthening the core competence in heat treatment, seafood, packaging technology and process optimisation
  • Utilizing the total competence available when industry, catering and research come together at Måltidets Hus with premises and equipment, as well as through NCE Culinology
  • Research and development in hygiene and heat treatment that treats the products with care (super hygiene, minimal processing) and simultaneously preserves quality for longer

The department works to preserve and extend the raw material quality through the use of processing technology.

From classical heat treatment and preserving, such as sterilization and pasteurization, and newer and gentle processes such as sous vide technology, microwave technology, heat treatment with agitation, surface pasteurization and high pressure processing.

The department is located at Måltidets Hus in Stavanger and was previously an industry institute for industries that produce seafood and fish products with extended shelf life.


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  • Morten Sivertsvik

    Director of Research, Processing Technology

    Phone: +47 51 84 46 37

    Cellphone: +47 905 97 998



Research area within Processing Technology

Fish products

Greater focus on health and sustainability has increased the demand for fish and seafood products. Fish and other seafood also present their own problem areas, mainly connected with odour, shelf life and sensory quality.

Gas packaging of fish

Gasspakking med emitter.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) with CO2 extends the shelf life of the fish. The antimicrobial effect of CO2 is well documented.

Heat treatment and preserving

Food culture is in a state of constant development and the primary activity has changed from canning to ever more gentle forms of heat treatment and preservation. What today's consumer wants first and foremost is healthy food that is easy to prepare, but nothing must be at the expense of food safety.

Packaging and gastronomy

In product development it is important to understand what properties (taste, smell, colour, texture, health, chemical composition) are important in terms of consumer preference for the product. A critical phase of product development is the rapid and accurate development and optimising of packaging and packaging materials that give the product the desired quality within a given calculation.

Ready-to-eat meals

Putting together a meal that maintains consistency, flavour and other vital properties such as crispness or juiciness in all its components is demanding.


The raw material quality of seafood embraces appearance, taste, texture and hygienic and nutritional properties.