SEGINOVA - Better tools for value segmentation in open innovation


Venue Will take place in the Oslo area or at Nofima Mat in Ås.
Cost NOK 16,000 excl. VAT per company. The company covers time spent, travel expenses and hotel expenses/common dinner at the network meetings.
Start 1. March 2010
End 1. March 2011

Developing better, more cost-effective and more targeted segmentation tools for consumers in the early phases of open innovation.

The demands for successful product development never cease to increase, nor the cost. In these times of crisis we wish to develop new tools based on old knowledge. The aim is to produce better, simpler and far more cost-effective segmentation of consumers in the innovation process.

Collecting consumer data has become a demanding and costly task. Many consumers refuse to participate, and this makes it harder to find representative groups. In addition, we know that 90% of all innovations do not produce the financial gain that was aimed for. Hitting the bull's eye is one of the challenges of innovation, and a small increase in the success rate can lead to a large financial gain. At the same time, it can be a costly and time-consuming process if it is to be carried out through large-scale external surveys.

In this way, the innovation process becomes a compromise between cost, time and accuracy. This project aims to improve accuracy and at the same time reduce costs. We also want this to be a rapid process.

Target group
Companies who develop food products for the consumer market and who want a better understanding of their target groups. We would like 3-5 persons from each company to participate. The participants should preferably represent both market and product development, as part of the purpose is to build a bridge between different approaches in these two sectors.

The network will develop a new method for connecting sensory data and value data from consumers in an interactive and cost-effective way, based on the value models of Schwart. The method will use mentometer buttons in order to collect data and display results interactively. Oral feedback from consumers is possible during the process. In this way, we believe that we can interest consumers in taking part in processes that are more time-consuming, as an entertaining and educational aspect is introduced which we believe consumers will find exciting. The network will be a touchstone for this working method, and the participants will take turns playing the part of consumers and being critical of the method so that we can refine the tools as much as possible.

Open innovation is all about cooperating across organisational boundaries, and developing successful innovations and new value creation for customers. The participants of the network will be used as test pilots for the development of the method based on cases they bring with them to the network. The method which is developed will be owned by Nofima Mat, but the network participants will be given permission to use it for their own purposes, including a beta version of the developed system.


None Photo: Mari Svenningsen
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