New CEO at Nofima

The Board of Directors of Nofima AS resolved at its meeting on Tuesday November 10 to appoint Øyvind Fylling-Jensen as the new CEO.


Øyvind Fylling-Jensen has been Acting CEO since May 15, 2009. Prior to that time, he was Managing Director of Nofima Mat and Deputy CEO of Nofima. He has worked in the Nofima system since 2005.

"The Board of Directors is very satisfied with the manner in which Fylling-Jensen has handled the job since he took over, and we look forward to continuing to work with him," says Board Chairman Endre Skjørestad.

Nofima's main task is to contribute to Norwegian food retaining its position as a global leader. Consequently, the company is collaborating extremely closely with industrial actors to ensure that the research it engages in is in line with the industry's requirements.

"Fylling-Jensen has the extremely rare combination of business and research competence," says Skjørestad. "Further, during his carrier, he has worked in both the marine and terrestrial food industries, which is extremely important for Nofima."

Fylling-Jensen is modest and expectant about the tasks ahead.

"After having followed the political process with the merger of the former institutes to what today is Nofima from close range, I have many thoughts about what moves we need to make," says Fylling-Jensen. "However, the main task now is to secure the framework conditions for research, so that we can deliver at an optimal level to the industry."

Øyvind Fylling-Jensen is 53 years old and has a PhD in Veterinary Medicine from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science. He has also completed several courses in management and economics at IMD, Harvard Business School, the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration and The Norwegian School of Management.


Øyvind Fylling-Jensen Copyright: Nofima

Øyvind Fylling-Jensen