Anette Moldestad

Facts about Anette Moldestad

I fulfilled my MSc degree in Food Science at Norwegian University of Life Sciences in 1999 and in 2004 I fulfilled my PhD at the same university with the title. “Effects of wheat gluten quality and baking process on dough and bread characteristics”.

At Nofima Food I work with wheat related to baking quality. My main research focus is the gluten proteins and their functionality. I study the synthesis of the gluten proteins and their polymerisation to large polymers during grain development. By getting an increased knowledge about grain development the main and long-term goal is to contribute to wheat varieties with good and stable gluten quality in a changing climate. Stable wheat gluten quality is important for the milling- and baking industry. I am also closely related to the research bakery at Nofima Food where I work in collaboration with the bakers at to solve challenges related to baking technology.

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