Public program

Network programme for the food industry

Norwegian companies with from 1 to about 300 employees now have the opportunity to participate in networks under the Network Programme for the Food Industry, which is administered by Nofima Mat on behalf of Innovation Norway. The networks are aimed at all sectors of the agriculturally based food industry in Norway and are also open to companies that process fish.

Exchanging experiences with other companies and receiving advice and guidance from people who know their subject provides new initiative and inspiration.

Product development network

The aim is to help companies towards more efficient production methods and higher product quality in existing or new food products.

A network is made up of 5 to 10 companies. Participants from the companies meet 3 or 4 times for theory, practical trials of methods and techniques and the exchange of information and experience. Between network meetings, each company works on its own project. To help with project work, each company is assigned an expert consultant who follows up on the company's work. The networks are adapted to the participating companies, their needs and resources.

The networks cover a wide range of topics; here are some examples of networks which have been set up:
• Product development of cured meats
• Internationalisation
• Niche products in the supermarket
• Healthy fat
• Safe cured meat products
• Small and far-seeing - a network for cheese producers
• Hunting for opportunities for bakers
• Innovation in practice

If your company is located in Norway and you are interested in joining one of the networks, get in touch with the person in charge of the network.