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Organic programme

To secure greater access to organic food for the consumer, the Norwegian Agricultural Authority (SLF) has entered into an agreement with Nofima Mat to stimulate market oriented product development and the transfer of competence.

Create an organic product

Companies which are in the process of producing, or wish to produce, organic products, on a large or small scale, now have an extra opportunity to get help.

Who can get help

We provide support for companies in Norway that wish to produce organic foods, whether they are small scale producers or large food companies.
We also want to help more companies to establish an organic line beside their conventional production.
More emphasis on product development in the organic sector is necessary in order to offer the consumer a larger and more varied range of products.

What they can get help with

  • Product development
  • Market surveys
  • Trial production of prototypes
  • Help with testing correct packaging
  • Help with scaling up production in own company
  • Analysis and testing of finished product
  • Optimisation of recipes, formulae and/or processes
  • Help with getting the product onto the market

Trial production

Developing prototypes for testing in the market. We have halls for trial production.


Companies and producers are offered visits to and follow up with their own company, equivalent to two days' work, free of charge.

Organic day

Every year, Nofima Mat arranges an Organic Day, which is an important meeting place for people in any part of the value chain who are interested in organic food. Look out for it on:


The agreement with SLF includes Nofima Mat setting up courses of interest to organic producers in Norway. We can also help in providing support for these courses. If there is any specific topic you would like to see covered by a course, get in touch with us. Nofima Mat also organises a workshop on the subject of ecology and products/market.



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