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Start: 1. March 2011 |End 28. February 2015

The Arctic is engaged in a deep climatic evolution. This evolution is quite predictable at short (year) and longer scales (several decades), but it is the decadal intermediate scale that is the most difficult to predict. This is because the natural variability of the system is large and dominant at this scale, and the system is highly non linear due to positive and negative feedback between sea ic...

Nofima Centre for Recirculation in Aquaculture at Sunndaløra, is part of the EU project AQUAEXCEL.


Start: 3. January 2011 |End 28. February 2015

AQUAEXCEL will provide the European research community with a platform of top class infrastructures efficiently offering tools to cope with the complex challenges the aquaculture is facing. Nofima's research facilities at Sunndalsøra and Tromsø are part of these top class infrastructures.

Beneficial effects of dietary bioactive peptides and polyphenols on cardiovascular health in humans

Start: 1. October 2012 |End 30. September 2016

The project will develop resources facilitating generation of robust and exploitable scientific evidence that supports a cause-and-effect relationship between consumption of bioactive peptides and polyphenols, and beneficial physiological effects related to cardiovascular health in humans.

Children and food preferences in the light of the Norwegian taste

Start: 1. January 2014 |End 31. December 2017

There is a large potential for a better health in the population by improving diet and dietary behavior. It is particularly important to facilitate a healthy and varied diet for children and adolescents, as food habits and behaviors are established at an early age.


Start: 1. January 2011 |End 31. December 2018

Driftsundersøkelsen i fiskeindustrien

Start: 29. November 1976 |End 1. January 2100


Start: 1. February 2014 |End 1. February 2019

The European research project FISHBOOST will advance European aquaculture to the next level.Nofima is coordinating this FP7 project.

Food Scares: Consumer Perception, Risk Communication and Crisis Management

Start: 1. January 2014 |End 31. December 2016

Communication with consumers is one of the most important elements in the effective management and control of food-borne hazards. This is particularly important in crisis situations – for example, during a food scare.

Improving the quality of everyday food

Start: 1. January 2012 |End 31. December 2015

TeRiFiQ is a 4-year EU-project where Nofima is one of the key participants. In addition to Nofima, the Norwegian food producers Leiv Vidar and Millba participate in the project, together with several other European R&D partners and industry.

Nofima supporting aquaculture in Asia and Australasia

Start: 1. January 2006

Nofima has been working actively in Asia and Australasia since January 2006 to develop research collaborations and to support aquaculture activities.

Tone Mari Rode and Maria Befring Hovda (both researchers Nofima Stavanger) using high pressure equipment in the experimental hall.

Prolonged shelf life of seafood by the use of high pressure processing

Start: 1. March 2011 |End 30. November 2014

High pressure processing (HPP) of food is a relatively new technology. There are no commercial HPP plants in Scandinavia, but Nofima in Stavanger has a pilot plant.

Smolt of Atlantic salmon.

Pumping and handling of Atlantic salmon smolt.

Start: 1. January 2012 |End 31. December 2014

In this project, financed by FHF we want to study the effects of pumping and handling of Atlantic salmon smolt.

Research Collaboration with Russia

Start: 31. December 2000 |End 1. January 2100

Seafood and tourism – culinary gifts

Start: 1. November 2012 |End 1. November 2014

Tourism markets in Norway represent an important arena for marketing Norwegian seafood. In addition to this the purchase of culinary gifts or gastronomic souvenir remains a very important part of the tourism experience. Buying and bringing home local food produce prolongs and reinforces the journey for tourists


Start: 1. January 2012 |End 31. December 2014

WhiteFish is the short title for the "Automated and differentiated calculation of sustainability for cod and haddock products" project which is running from January 1st 2011 to December 31st 2013. It is a "Research for the Benefit of SME Associations" project funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

Whole-genome sequence data for selective breeding against infectious diseases in aquaculture

Start: 1. July 2011 |End 31. December 2014

This project will develop methodology to use genome sequences for selective breeding against infectious diseases in aquaculture.