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Ecosystem-based Responsive Fisheries Management in Europe

Start: 1. March 2011 |End 28. February 2014

EcoFishMan is an EC-funded RTD project that seeks to develop a responsive fisheries management system (RFMS) based on results-based management (RBM) principles.

The development of the fishing industry and fish processing industry in Finnmark county from 1990

Start: 1. October 2009 |End 31. December 2009

The project describes the course of development of the fishing industry and fish processing industry in Finnmark county from 1990 and onwards. The development is explained with support in the literature.

Value Chain Traceability in the Norwegian Fishing Industry - Case Fresh Fillets – part 2

Start: 1. January 2010 |End 31. December 2010

Develop company tools for documentation and tracking using electronic business data systems, including integration with The Norwegian Catchcertificate System.

What is happening in major european markets for white fish fillets?

Start: 19. February 2010 |End 31. December 2010

The European seafood market is an ever changing market place. Consumers in several European markets can choose between different types of fish filets when shopping.

“King” of the fish deserves to be treated as such

Start: 1. June 2008 |End 31. October 2008

The development of a genetic management and improvement strategy for temperate marine finfish (southern bluefin tuna, yellowtail kingfish & mulloway).


Start: 1. June 2006 |End 31. May 2008

ACCLAIM is a Nordic project financed by the Nordic Innovation Centre. Researchers have surveyed consumer acceptance and trust of health claims. This is intended to provide recommendations for the use of health claims in the marketing of food.


Start: 1. June 2006 |End 1. July 2008

Researchers have surveyed consumer acceptance and trust of health claims through this project.

Adding product value to sustainable fisheries

Start: 31. December 2006 |End 30. December 2010

The purpose of this project is to develop knowledge that can contribute to adding value to marine resources, to improve shortcomings in management regimes and to further develop theories on harvesting strategies that impact on adding value to marine sources.

Alternative måter å skaffe mer penger til innenlands markedsføring av fisk og annen sjømat

Start: 31. July 2005 |End 31. January 2006

Eksportutvalget for fisk (EFF) er pålagt ansvaret for å drive fellesmarkedsføring av sjømat også på hjemmemarkedet. Men siden EFFs finansiering hentes fra en avgift på eksporterte fiskeprodukter, vil det alltid være begrensninger på hvor mye EFF kan avsette til Norge kontra alle de andre markedene man skal betjene.

Analysis of volatile components

Start: 31. December 2005 |End 30. December 2006

The project will introduce headspace analytical methodolgy to Fiskeriforskning in Tromsø. The techniques will be used to identify and tract the development of volatile components in dried fish projects.

Arctic lamb

Start: 1. January 2006 |End 31. December 2009

The project is intended to provide insight into how different grazing conditions and production systems affect the quality of the lamb, and how such qualities may be used to market Norwegian lamb in national and international markets.

Automatic quality control of fish fillets

Start: 30. June 2006 |End 29. June 2009

Project title: Automatic Fish Fillet Inspection by Imaging Spectroscopy The aim of the project is to develop instrumental methods for automatic quality control of fish fillets.

Automatic quality control of fresh landed cod

Start: 31. December 2004 |End 30. December 2007

Automatisert fjerning av tykkfiskbein i hvitfisk

Start: 28. February 2001 |End 30. June 2003

Melkesyrebakterier er nyttige bakterier i næringsmiddelindustrien

Bacteria in the food industry

Start: 1. January 2005 |End 31. December 2008

The aim of the project is increasing our understanding of 1) key properties of lactic acid bacteria that are important for food production 2) mechanisms for survival and growth of undesirable bacteria in food and the food industry


Start: 1. January 2006 |End 31. December 2009

The aim of the project is to develop barley flour with at least 75% health promoting components and up to 60% barley in the finished product. The salt content in bread should also be reduced, down to 0.4% in the finished product. There is also a strong focus on ensuring that the products developed will be liked by the end users.

Bioactive components and inhibiting lipid oxidation for food quality and health

Start: 1. January 2005 |End 31. December 2008

The aim of the programme is to understand how the content of bioactive substances in food is affected - from raw materials, via storage and processing to the finished product that is processed further by the consumer before it is eaten.

Bioactive lipids and your health

Start: 1. January 2009 |End 31. December 2012

Health is a highly important innovative area for the food industry in the years ahead, and the number of new health-optimised products and meals for various consumers in different situations is on the increase.