Start 1. January 2007
End 31. December 2011
Commissioner EU
In collaboration 51 different institutions and companies from 19 different countries. Nofima Mat is the only participant from Norway. The other countries are Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Hungary in Europe, as well as Brazil, China, South Africa and the USA.

The project is in three parts and its aim is to develop new and improved pork products. Firstly people's attitudes to pork are surveyed, then new products are developed (15 new product concepts are planned). For the final part of the project the aim is to develop user friendly marketing and product development tools that can be used by small and medium sized companies.

A central role for Nofima Mat

Nofima Mat is in charge of project management for the third and final part of the project. The aim is to develop methods that enable small and medium sized businesses to carry out product development processes without help from expensive external consultants. A toolbox containing detailed descriptions of how idea-generating processes, consumer reviews, simple sensory analyses and market testing can be carried out, are to be developed.

Nofima Mat also participates in the surveys and in product concept testing. The results of these surveys are used for segmenting consumers by buying pattern, attitude, demographic conditions and similar, as well as giving a deeper understanding of the various segments' product preferences.

 Photo: Janne Brodin, UMB

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