Start 1. January 2007
End 31. December 2011
Commissioner EU
In collaboration Research institutions and companies all over the world. Taking part from Norway are Prima Jæren AS and Furuseth Slakteri AS. Other participants come from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, the USA and Austria.

The aim of this research project is to increase the safety and quality of beef, through research and innovation.

The project is divided up into six separate pillars of research:
1. Qualitative risk assessment for microbiological and chemical sources of infection
2. Intervention strategies for microbiological controls
3. Improvements to nutrition and quality
4. Innovations in beef processing and products
5. Customer related themes linked to safety and new products
6. Transfer of technology and information

Nofima Mat is involved in all these research pillars, which makes ProSafeBeef the biggest and most inter-disciplinary EU research project at Nofima Mat. Pillar 4 (Innovations in beef processing and products) is led by Nofima Mat.


Several persons at Nofima Mat are engage in Pillar 6: Training, industry networking and dissemination of results

The overall objective of Pillar 6 is to set-up a structured and sustainable demonstration, technology transfer, training and dissemination network dedicated to the beef chain. Pillar 6 will regularly communicate with the end users of the technology produced and invite them to participate in our extension activities including training and demonstration. Much emphasis will be placed on “training the trainers” within the beef sector to allow up-skilling of industry personnel.

Delta i nettverk for bedre biffer. Copyright: Opplysningskontoret for kjøtt

Delta i nettverk for bedre biffer.

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