Start 1. January 2006
End 31. December 2009
Commissioner EU
In collaboration NHO Mat og Drikke, Tor Sevaldsen's bakery and confectionery and 14 other partners from Norway, Spain, Czech Republic, Estonia, Scotland, Turkey and England.

The aim of the project is to develop barley flour with at least 75% health promoting components and up to 60% barley in the finished product. The salt content in bread should also be reduced, down to 0.4% in the finished product. There is also a strong focus on ensuring that the products developed will be liked by the end users.

Barley contains fibre, proteins and antioxidants that have a documented health promoting effect. Barley has a preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and other conditions. In the old days, barley was a grain that was frequently used in food, in bread and soups for example. These days, most of the barley produced in Europe goes for animal feed or malting.

Checking with the consumers

To achieve the aims, a number of factors must be tested. Some of the most vital factors are to develop a type of flour that has good baking properties and to develop bread with relatively similar properties to wheat based breads and which does not have an unfamiliar taste or colour compared with normal bread. Barley can have an undesirable side taste, which it is important to avoid, and the research will concentrate on identifying the right varieties of barley, with health promoting components and good baking properties. Consumer surveys have been carried out to see how the new products will be received. Several such surveys will be carried out in various parts of Europe in collaboration with our various partners.



None Photo: Illustrasjon: Christine Idland Ustvedt

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