Ecosystem-based Responsive Fisheries Management in Europe


Start 1. March 2011
End 28. February 2014
Funded by EU
In collaboration Matis, EuroFish, CETMAR, Bitland, University of Iceland, CNR, NFH, CCMAR, IPIMAR, Mapix, MSS og Seafish

EcoFishMan is an EC-funded RTD project that seeks to develop a responsive fisheries management system (RFMS) based on results-based management (RBM) principles.

The intended context of application of the RFMS is complex, mixed-fisheries and multi-stakeholder fishery sectors like those found in the EU/Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) area.

Project leader is Anna Kristín Daníelsdóttir, Matis, Iceland


Relevant news

  • Looking northwards

    1. April 2011

    The EcoFishMan research project aims to develop a new and alternative responsible fisheries management system for Europe.


Research area


Research area