Industrial berries: Varieties of strawberries and raspberries suitable for industry


Start 1. September 2009
End 29. September 2012
In collaboration Lerum, Findus, Stabburet, Røra, Tine and Valdal grønt

The great focus on and conversion to the production of berries for fresh consumption in this country in recent years has meant that there is now a pressing need for new varieties of Norwegian produced strawberries and raspberries that are suited to the needs of industry.

User defined innovation project

Strawberries and raspberries are important cultivars in Norway and the preserving industry has a long tradition of offering products made from these berries to the Norwegian consumer.

In this project, new Norwegian and foreign varieties of strawberries and raspberries will be selected and given trial cultivation. New information about the properties of these berries, the substances they contain and how suitable they are for processing will be generated. The significance of degree of ripeness, freezing technique and storage conditions for the quality of the finished product will be investigated by analysing content substances and sensory properties.

The knowledge generated will lead to a better understanding of what properties are important and what the requirements must be for varieties to be used by the industry. On the basis of the information gained, a tool will be developed for more goal oriented trials of varieties for industrial purposes.

The results of this project will be a particularly important contribution to maintaining a value-creating and competitive preserving industry and berry production in Norway in the future.

None Photo: Kjell J. Merok
Copyright: Nofima

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