Innovative packaging from farm to fork


Start 1. November 2009
End 31. October 2011
Funded by EU, 7th framework programme and Foundation for Research Levy on Agricultural Products
In collaboration Itene, Universitetet of Milano, Inventia, Unizar, Danisco, Metalvuoto, Artibal, Envaflex, CSIC, SIK, VTT, TTZ, Lachskontor, Verdifresh, Tommen gram og Nutreco

Nafispack will answer the need of innovative and safety modern packaging that have never been used by the combination of natural antimicrobial (active) and intelligent functions in packaging as a way to increase fresh products shelf life and to develop safety assessment methodologies.

The delivery of safe food from the producer to the consumer is a key priority for industry and authorities. It requires meticulous monitoring at every stage in the supply chain "from farm to fork". Packaging plays a crucial role since its most important functions are preservation and protection of food.

  • The industry needs effective packaging systems to preserve the food safely during distribution and storage while maintaining the food quality, along with increasing demands of the consumer for fresher, minimally processed, more convenient and safer foods
  • This leads to the need for developing innovative and safety modern packaging that have never been used and are produced by new processes. So there is the need to ensure the safety and benefits of such food packaging solutions can bring

The project has two main objectives:

Development of innovative and safe packaging systems in order to increase fresh product shelf life by using two novel packaging technologies: antimicrobial active packaging and intelligent packaging for fresh fish, chicken, and minimally processed vegetables (MPVs).

Development of a safety assessment methodology that includes the chemical characterization and toxicological profile of intentionally and non-intentionally added substances present in these new packaging materials and that might migrate to the foodstuffs. Additionally microbiological assessment are also included


None Photo: Kjell J. Merok
Copyright: Nofima

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    13. April 2012

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