Low salt products


Start 1. January 2008
End 31. December 2011
Funded by Norges forskningsråd
In collaboration Sintef, Mills, SPIS-Grilstad, Stabburet, Nortura, Finsbråten, Brødrene Remø, Berggren

The mail goal of the project is to strengthen the knowledge and competence in industry and research institutes on low salt products with emphasis on food quality, shelf-life and economy.

Sub objectives:

  1. To measure effects of reducing salt content on the food matrix structure in relation to food quality emphasizing texture and sensorial properties.
  2. To develop methods for shelf-life prediction in products with reduced salt and strategies (e.g. hurdle technology, salt substitutes) to maintain food shelf-life.
  3. To identify industrial process and technological changes needed to ensure acceptable quality and shelf-life of low-salt products.
  4. To develop decision models to facilitate optimal choice of profitable production technology.
  5. Knowledge based production of second generation low salt products.

The main focus in this project is to address and solve the main technological and economical challenges related to texture and shelf life of fish and meat products with reduced salt levels, in order to meet health recommendations from the authorities and to secure important consumer benefits.

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