Start 1. January 2010
End 31. December 2012
Funded by Research Council of Norway
In collaboration Animalia, Nortura, QVision, FACCSA, VION, Sintef

Optimized process control in the meat industry by inline quality measurements and automatic sorting of meat trimmings.

The main aim is to improve processing efficiency, optimise raw material usage and increase profitability in the meat industry by development of a system for automatic sorting of meat trimmings according to market demands.

The secondary goals are to:

1. Development of a new automatic process control system, which can automatically sort single trimmings and portions of trimmings according to fat and weight.

2. Development of algorithms for optimal automatic sorting of meat trimmings

3. Development of novel Norwegian measurement technology with applications at an international level

4. Development and validation of new cutting and deboning concepts and business intelligence solutions taking advantage of the measurement and grading technology.


A primary aim of MeatAutoSort is to develop an automated system that can sort individual meat trimmings according to fat content and weight into batches of specified target fat content. This is possible by combining fat estimates from a novel NIR system with the weight of each trimming obtained from a flow weight, followed by a grader for automatic sorting controlled by designed sorting algorithms. Existing standardizing systems are usually based on measurements of ground meat. The approach of monitoring trimmings instead of ground meat is demanding and challenging, but would be highly beneficial in terms of efficient logistics and product quality. Such a system can potentially produce batches of intact trimmings with correct fat levels, which would be a novel and very profitable development in the meat industry. The proposed system will allow removal of the current system, which is based on manual sorting of trimmings into batches, followed by labour intensive work to standardise the fat content.

The project is managed by Animalia.

None Photo: Kjell J. Merok
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