Research area

New feed concepts

Developing new feed concepts for existing and new farmed marine species

Nofima Ingrediens has had a central role in developing new feed concepts. We have been involved in a host of development projects within both the industrial and institute sector.

Nofima Ingrediens has researched various feed concepts such as agglomerated feed, feed from intermediate products, formulated dry feed for sea urchins and shellfish and feed for wild-captured cod.

Nofima Ingrediens has worked with the following species:

Salmon/trout Seabream/Sea bass
Cod Catfish
Haddock Sea urchin
Turbot Shrimp
Halibut King crab
Common whitefish
Sole Various mussels species

The development of feed for new species requires interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of ingredients, feed technology, nutrition and product quality.

Nofima Ingrediens has a high level of competence in all of these fields.

Relevant issues:

  • Development of different feed concepts
  • Optimisation of nutrients and physical quality of the feed
Sea urchin roe Copyright: Nofima

Sea urchin roe

Copyright: Nofima

Relevant news

  • “Should avoid rancid feeds"

    26. February 2010

    More than 300 fish and shellfish species are farmed on a global basis. Marine feed ingredients are an extremely valuable source of protein and fatty acids for most farmed species. However, marine raw materials and ingredients are exposed to oxidation (rancidification) because of a high content of unsaturated fatty acids.