Research area

Feed processing

Nofima’s facilities include a pilot plant for production as well as a laboratory for testing raw materials and the end product.

Nofima has a pilot plant to produce different types of extruded products as well as a laboratory for testing raw materials and the end product.

The feed processing plant comprises separate units with exact measuring and regulating systems. This provides high and reproducible product quality and enables detailed and accurate process studies.

The base unit in the extrusion line is a twin-screw extruder (Wenger TX-52) with associated units for preconditioning and drying, as well as a vacuum coater and a top coater.

In 2008, a new Density Management System was installed on the extruder.

The equipment has further increased flexibility with a view to controlling the energy supply and bulk density/expansion of manufactured feed.

The plant has a normal capacity of 150 kg per hour. A high level of flexibility makes it possible to produce both large and small batches.

Through research projects and process studies, Nofima has built up significant competence in the area of producing extruded products based on different raw materials for different species.

Nofima also has equipment and competence for the production of pelleted and agglomerated products.

Relevant issues:

  • Formulation and production of extruded, pelleted and agglomerated products
  • Process optimisation and up scaling
  • Effect of processing on pellet quality
  • Effect of drying conditions on pellet quality
  • Utilisation of coating-technology for the supply of heat-labile components of nutrients
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