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Marine biotechnology

Molecular biology, marine bioprospecting and bioprocessing.

Nofima uses marine biotechnology to be able to exploit all parts of fish and shellfish.

Far more of the raw material harvested from the sea can be utilised, and as such contribute to new products, new companies and enhanced profitability for coastal business communities. Better utilisation of the marine resources covers bioprocessing of by-products that are already available, as well as the utilisation of completely new marine species through marine bioprospecting.

Nofima Marin collaborates closely with companies, universities and university colleges, both nationally and internationally. This activity has formed the basis for the commercialisation of a host of products and the establishment of new companies. Topical product areas are foods, ingredients for food and feed, health foods, cosmetics and biomedical products.

It is Nofima's ambition to maintain a high international level within the field of marine biotechnology.

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Research area within Marine biotechnology


Pilot plant hall

Bioprocessing of marine by-products is carried out at Nofima's Processing Laboratory.

Marine bioprospecting

Marine bioprospecting may be defined as searching for bio molecules from marine sources and the search for new and unique bioactive components with potential commercial applications.

Marine lipids

Marine lipids contain high levels of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).

Molecular biology

Diseaseplot showing which genes are up- and down regulated.

Research within molecular biology at Nofima covers studies of the fish’s growth potential, lipid metabolism, organ formation, reproductive biology, resistance to diseases and production-related influences on health and immune defence.

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

Development and optimisation of cost-effective industrial processes to remove persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in fishmeal and fish oil

Protein and peptone products

Marine powder, hydrolysates, silage and gelatine from fish skin.

Separation technology

Concentration or isolation of chemical compounds.