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Bioprocessing of marine by-products is carried out at Nofima's Processing Laboratory.

The Processing Laboratory (Prosesslab) is an equipment park for biotechnological companies wanting to develop new products. The basic, research-based part in development of the marine biotechnological industry takes place in small scale on the laboratory bench. In the transition from laboratory scale to industry scale, the companies need to test their processes on pilot scale. Prosesslab's equipment makes this possible

Prosesslab contains pilot scale equipment for unit operations covering filleting technology (MF.UF and RO), separation technology (decanter and centrifuge), drying technology (vacuum etc), and emulsification and extrication technology. The laboratory is equipped with adjoining infrastructure including freezer, cold storage room, climate chamber, water and steam. Prosesslab is accessible from street level, and crane and truck access is also possible. Users of Prosesslab can also draw on the other competence in the research teams at Nofima Marin.

Prosesslab is a collaborative project between Troms County Council District, Innovation Norway, the Marine Biotechnology Programme in Tromsø (MABIT), biotechnology companies in the region and Nofima.

Prosesslab was established to contribute to innovation with the field of marine biotechnology. It has a regional foundation, but a national and international target market.

Pilot plant hall Photo: Frank Gregersen
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Pilot plant hall

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