Research area

Production Biology

Nofima Marin develops knowledge which contributes to optimising production conditions for aquaculture species. This involves charting factors and understanding mechanisms which influence mortality, growth, feed utilisation, quality of edible fish and the health and welfare of the animals.

Our scientists are working with traditional salmonids, freshwater fish and cod as well as with the development of new marine aquaculture species, both fish and shellfish.

Research on production biology to a large extent integrates knowledge from the other more specifically defined areas of strategic importance within aquaculture.

Trial at Nofima`s research station at Averøy. Photo: Nofima, Thomas Larsson

Trial at Nofima`s research station at Averøy.

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Research area within Production Biology

Production optimisation

Development and optimisation of fish production for the individual fish farmer during on-growing requires basic knowledge about and control of many different aspects of production of fish in the seawater phase.

Water recirculation

This is what Nofima’s Centre for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems at Sunndalsøra looks like.  The centre is designed by AquaOptima and Nofima.

Access to clean water is placing restrictions on today’s aquaculture industry. Norway has large water resources, but the proportion which may be utilised for the production of fish is limited. Increasingly stricter requirements for treating waste water are also leading to a greater importance of using water resources more effectively in the future.