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Seafood industry

Nofima has considerable experience in and knowledge about the handling and processing of marine raw materials. Our scientists have expertise in the basic mechanisms of why different seafood has different processing and storage characteristics.

Fish and seafood are among Norway’s most important export products with an annual export value of around NOK 53 billion.

To an ever increasing degree, consumers want to choose different fish products based on price, quality and origin. Consequently, it is important that scientists, fishermen, fish farmers and the fishing industry understands the functional properties of seafood.

This applies to all raw materials from fisheries, capture-based aquaculture and fish farming. During feeding, slaughtering, processing and storage, product quality and food safety shall be fundamental.

Our research within seafood production cover the production of fresh and frozen fish, matured products such as salt-cured fish, clipfish, stockfish and smoked fish, as well as activities to establish and enhance knowledge about fundamental properties of raw materials and products.

Focus on quality and profitability

The raw materials from fisheries and aquaculture are processed for a host of different markets and customers with different expectations and requirements for quality. In this context, it is important that there is research and knowledge about raw materials, processes and production that contribute to the production of quality products and, as such, contributes to a good reputation for Norwegian fish and seafood.

Through our research, we will contribute knowledge and expertise within the fields of quality and production, raw material properties, processing and process technology as well as methods for documentation and control. Our research covers processing of fish and seafood, industrial processing with focus on quality and yield, and instrumental methods for quality control and automation.


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  • Heidi Nilsen

    Director of Research, Seafood Industry

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Research area within Seafood industry

Catch, handling and quality

Within the wild fish sector, Nofima Marin works along the entire supply chain from catch and processing through to the distribution of seafood products to retail outlets.

Fresh and frozen products

In recent years, we have seen an increased focus on the production and sale of fresh fish, for both the domestic and export markets. This poses challenges regarding quality and shelf life.

Matured seafood products

Matured seafood products account for a significant part of the products in the Norwegian fishing industry and also constitute a large proportion of exports from the seafood industry.

Rapid instrumental methods, seafood

Nofima is working on several rapid and objective instrumental methods that may be implemented in a production process without influencing the raw material/product.

Raw material properties

Our research covers the fundamental and functional properties of marine raw materials.

Slaughtering of fish

A series of factors influence the fish's quality: crowding, pumping and stunning.