Research area

DNA analysis

DNA is genetic material that is present in all living cells. DNA has two properties that make it highly suitable for diagnostic use:


  • DNA can be copied in a test tube in the same way as when cells divide
  • Signatures in DNA can be used to recognise the organism the DNA comes from

Countless methods have been devised for revealing DNA and in many contexts DNA analysis has now become routine. We have been part of this development at Nofima Mat. We have developed methods for revealing both bacteria and genetically modified material. Our method for revealing and quantifying many GMOs simultaneously has received particular international attention.

Our main focus now is the use of DNA tools for revealing and describing microbial communities and for being able to reveal allergens in food.


None Photo: Kjell J. Merok
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Research area within DNA analysis

Analysis of microbial communities

Micro matrix analysis of bacteria from a baby's faeces.

The analysis of microbial communities is a very wide area that includes everything from analysis of food to faecal samples from both humans and animals.

Genetically modified organism

There are more and more genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the world. It must be possible to detect genetically modified plants by analysis. To analyse for several GMO variants at the same time, some complicated technology is needed. Such multivariate measuring methods are among the most important tasks for researchers in this field.