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Fish products

Greater focus on health and sustainability has increased the demand for fish and seafood products. Fish and other seafood also present their own problem areas, mainly connected with odour, shelf life and sensory quality.

Nofima Mat's experts have extensive competence in preprocessing and brining, processing of fish and seafood products. We are working on developing new and more attractive fish dishes, such as odour-free fishburgers for the fast food market and ready meals for the hotel, restaurant and catering sector (HoReCa).


Chemical composition decisive

We have made great use of our competence in the salting and smoking of fish in our work to develop rapid, non-destructive measuring instruments used in the production and quality assurance of fish. This is where the chemical composition of raw materials is decisive for the end result and where different compositions should be used in various salting and smoking processes.

Companies also have the opportunity to make trial production runs of fish and seafood products in the fish hall, where there is access to the necessary equipment and competence.


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