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Food safety and quality

It is the goal of both the authorities and the food industry that all food should be safe. If the food industry is to provide the consumer with safe food with optimal quality, competence is needed in many areas, from safe raw materials to production, storage and distribution that safeguard the needs of the consumer.

The consumer's handling of the food is also an aspect that is becoming increasingly important to focus on.

Nofima intends to be the food industry's preferred competence provider and partner to ensure the production and presentation of safe food with optimum shelf life and quality.

Nofima Mat offers the food industry

  • the knowledge necessary to produce and present food that is free of contaminants in amounts that might be hazardous to health, as well as ensuring good quality throughout determined shelf life period of the product.
  • methods and tools for identifying risk factors and components and conditions that might impair the quality of food.
  • competence in ensuring safe food for the consumer, controlling and improving the shelf life of products, minimising wastage and increasing repeat purchases.


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Research area within Food safety and quality


In 2002 few researchers knew much about acrylamide in food. A great deal of research has been done since then and we now know much more about what acrylamide is and how it is created. Acrylamide is considered to be a poison and is believed to be potentially carcinogenic. Until now no significant finds have been made, which gives grounds for concluding that acrylamide is less dangerous than was first thought.

DNA analysis

DNA is genetic material that is present in all living cells. DNA has two properties that make it highly suitable for diagnostic use:

Food waste

Approximately 335000 tons or 25 percent of all food that are produced in Norway ends up as waste. Nofima works with the industry and help them solve their part of the problem.


HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a scientifically based method for ensuring safe food for the consumer. For all those who handle food professionally it is absolutely vital that the food should not cause illness to those who eat it.


Infection of food with bacteria from the production area can lead to reduced food quality and less safe food. Nofima Mat has competence in hygiene and can help food companies to find potential sources of infection and weaknesses in hygiene routines.

Preserving and shelf life

For the food industry, maintaining the quality of food for as long as possible makes financial sense. The shelf life of a food product depends on many things, including microbiological growth and chemical changes such as rancidity. Factors which limit the shelf life of a food product are process conditions, packaging, distribution temperature and storage time.


Packaging researchers at Nofima Mat develop practical solutions to the packaging problems faced by Norwegian food and packaging industries. The aim is to test and develop packaging solutions that protect food quality, maintain and extend shelf life and at the same time contribute to the most effective ways of transporting the products.

Safe raw materials

Campylobacter jejuni

Reducing the incidence of dangerous bacteria in primary production reduces the risk of illness among people.