Research area

Industrial buying behaviour

How do the perceptions and attitudes of industrial buyers and other organisations influence the market opportunities for Norwegian actors?

Nofima Marked studies markets and market development including industrial buyers (supermarket chains, wholesalers, catering etc) and other organisations of how their perceptions of and attitudes to the use of technology in the production of the food products they supply influences the market opportunities for Norwegian actors.

An important question here is what influences professional clients when they make decisions about purchasing a product or entering into a contract with a supplier?

Examples of this are how modern technologies (e.g. GM) and production technologies (e.g. fish farming or catch-based aquaculture) influence the customer's experience of the product, including ethical and environmental challenges in food production.

Research on this area also involves studying traditional perspectives such as participation, power and influence in the decision-making process, and how external stimuli influence the process and outcome.

The distinctive features of the company's working conditions in different markets can have an effect.

  Photo: Frank Gregersen
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