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Market-based harvesting

Large sectors of the fisheries industry live by fishing and producing food from wild fish stocks.

Strict quotas apply about how many of each species may be caught on an annual basis.

However, different methods of fishing are utilised, which provide different economic results.

Nofima Marked has unique competence about how the choice of catch/harvest strategies influences the total value adding.

The authorities have relied heavily on our knowledge to ensure that the fish which are caught are suitable for making the products which the customers want. In this way, the values of scarce fishing quotas increase.

In the task of developing this knowledge, we utilise a perspective which includes all phases of production - from catch through to consumption.

Our knowledge in this area is particularly used to develop the regulation of catches within a host of fisheries. The goal is to increase the value from sustainable fishing through catching fish which are particularly suited to producing the most valuable products.


One question that has generated considerable attention is how to increase the proportion of fish which are caught and landed live.

The purpose of capture-based aquaculture is to feed the fish in captivity so that it grows to enable fresh fish to be sold in periods where there is insufficient supply.

Nofima has a unique specialist environment combining biology, technology and economics which develops the necessary knowledge to develop and increase interest in catch-based aquaculture.

 Photo: Frank Gregersen
Copyright: Nofima

Photo: Frank Gregersen
Copyright: Nofima Marin

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