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Packaging researchers at Nofima Mat develop practical solutions to the packaging problems faced by Norwegian food and packaging industries. The aim is to test and develop packaging solutions that protect food quality, maintain and extend shelf life and at the same time contribute to the most effective ways of transporting the products.

Our researchers have a great deal of knowledge about the effects of light and gas on food and about choosing the right colour of packaging for best protection. They are familiar with available packaging materials and are world leaders when it comes to packing gases. Nofima Mat's packaging team also conducts projects involving nanotechnology. In future the group wants to focus even more closely on the environmental aspects of packaging, such as minimising food wastage, efficient transportation solutions and the use of biomaterials and other new sustainable packaging materials.

Cross functional problem solving

Packaging problems often involve many disciplines and the packaging group draws on competence from other areas when needed - such as microbiology, raw materials, sensory perception, biochemical product competence and advanced measurement methods. This gives us a unique ability to carry out research and industry activities in order to understand the packaging requirements of the products.

The golden triangle of packaging illustrates the interaction between product, packaging and distribution. Put simply, if one of the parameters at one angle of the triangle changes, then the other parameters will be affected. Let's say you want to extend the shelf life of milk. One action that must be taken is to change the processing conditions, so as to kill micro-organisms that can spoil the milk. But the barrier properties of the packaging must also be improved, to exclude light and oxygen so that the milk can keep its quality for longer. And the packaging process itself must be protected, to avoid contamination of the milk.

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  • Helga Næs

    Research Director, Food Safety and Quality

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  • Morten Sivertsvik

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Research area within Packaging

Active and intelligent packaging

Emballasjen inneholder en indikator som tyster om innholdets tilstand.

The field of active and intelligent packaging is attracting increasing interest, at Nofima Mat and elsewhere, because of the effect it has on the food. Active packaging makes an active contribution to improving food quality, while intelligent packaging gives information about the food to the consumer, manufacturer or shop.

Barriers in packaging material

Light and oxygen influence on sliced meat.

The barrier properties of packaging are an important factor when choosing a packaging solution for different food products. Barrier qualities also have a significant effect on the price of the packaging.

Gas packaging

It is becoming more and more common in Norway to pack food products in modified atmospheres or gas mixtures. Fresh meat and processed meat products have been using gas packaging for more than 20 years and the proportion of these goods being gas packed today is 50-80%.

Nanotechnology and packaging

Nanotechnology is a technology where very small particles are used (nano size 1-100 nanometres) in order to achieve changes in the properties of a material. This is a multi-disciplinary field and embraces chemistry, biology, physics and engineering etc.

Packaging and gastronomy

In product development it is important to understand what properties (taste, smell, colour, texture, health, chemical composition) are important in terms of consumer preference for the product. A critical phase of product development is the rapid and accurate development and optimising of packaging and packaging materials that give the product the desired quality within a given calculation.

Packaging testing

Det finnes mange typer amballsje å velge mellom.

The primary function of packaging is to safeguard the product's good taste and quality right until the end of its shelf life. Choosing the right packaging and packing techniques for the product is therefore vital. Nofima Mat offers relevant tests of both packaging properties and the packaged product.

Sustainable packaging

Several studies have concluded that the greatest effect on the environment comes from the primary production of food out in the barns, in the sea or the fields.