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The raw material quality of seafood embraces appearance, taste, texture and hygienic and nutritional properties.

Fish is one of our most important sources of nutrition, partly because fish contains such a wealth of nutritional and health promoting elements. Some species have a high content of valuable protein, whilst others have health promoting omega-3 fatty acids. Nofima is involved in research in a number of areas to optimise all parts of the value chain from live fish to consumer.

The criteria for raw material quality begin even while the fish is still alive, since stress and handling are of great significance. Tests are currently being carried out on different killing methods that affect raw material quality. This is significant for further handling, whether the fish is to be used fresh or processed (smoked, salted, heat treated).

In our activities involving seafood we use sensory, spectroscopic, biochemical and histological analysis for research and development of:

  • studies of fish muscle structure and chemical composition, focusing on components relating to quality
  • quality development during storage of fish muscle
  • water content of klippfisk (dried cod)
  • fat and pigment content of whole and filleted salmon
  • absorption properties in processing
  • enzyme activity in storage and processing
  • influence of pH on quality


None Photo: Frank Gregersen
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