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Temperature is the most important factor in the storage of fresh fish. Without control of the chill temperature, fresh fish can spoil very quickly. For example, if the temperature is raised from zero to 4 degrees, shelf life is halved, and if the temperature goes up to 10, then shelf life is halved again. This means that temperature control is more important than packing method.

Super-chilling is a method of ensuring the optimum temperature in the fish. Super-chilling means that the fish is chilled to about minus 1 to minus 2 degrees celsius, depending on fat and salt content, and the idea is to get as close to the fish's "freezing point" as possible without ice actually forming. In this way a chill capacity is stored in the product that is important in the transportation chain. In combination with MAP, fresh salmon can achieve a shelf life of up to 3 weeks with good microbial safety and a synergy effect has also been absorbed between super-chilling and modified atmosphere packaging.


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