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Where does the food product come from? This is an increasingly more important question for consumers and buyers to get answers about.

Nofima Marked are among the world leaders in traceability of food products, especially concerning charting of processes and development of methods and standards.

A food product has generally been through many stops en route to the shop shelves. The raw material is harvested, processed, packed and transported.

Information about what has been done to the food product along the way is useful for both buyers and consumers.


In order to ensure that information is not lost during the process from raw material to finished product, it is important to use standards to register information.

A standard makes it easier to exchange information (preferably electronically), and ensure the correct understanding of the words that are utilised.

Nofima Marked has a central role in the international work in this area.

The task of developing the internationally recognised TraceFish standard was led by faggruppen at Nofima Marked (formerly Fiskeriforskning). An expanded version of this is now utilised in a host of other food sectors.

We are continuing to develop and expand the TraceFood framework with the development of standards for traceability of food generally (ISO TC34) and seafood in particular (ISO TC234).

Joint practice

If the traceability systems shall function in the entire supply chain, from raw material to finished product, the same routines should be followed at all the food product's stops en route.

Nofima Marked assists the industries with recommendations and advice on this subject.

We have also developed and adapted methods to chart industrial processes and to analyse costs and utility value in connection with the introduction of traceability systems.

Consultancy and courses

The traceability group at Nofima Marked provides specific advice to small and large companies about traceability and information logistics.

We also have a central role in large-scale international projects and consultancy contracts worldwide.
Training, courses and presentation also form an important part of our activities.

Our client groups cover the national and international food industries, as well as educational and research institutions.

 Photo: Frank Gregersen
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