Reinforcement of sustainable aquaculture


Startdato 1. februar 2008
Sluttdato 31. januar 2011

The ROSA project is an EU-funded project with an overall objective: To reinforce research capacities and strengthen education programs in animal science with new knowledge in fish nutrition, fish breeding, management and molecular biological methods used in biological research.

University of Belgrade is an important collaborative partner in this project as well as several other Nofima Marin projects. The collaboration started in 2002 aiming at knowledge transfer in order to strengthen and improve the aquaculture production in Serbia.

A strong scientific platform was established within aquaculture related topics (fish nutrition, breeding, management), education and knowledge transfer.

Since 2004 Research Institute for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Irrigation (HAKI), Hungary, also became an important partner in the network.

The contribution of Nofima Marin in the ROSA project is

  • training of students
  • teaching at university of Belgrade
  • take part in workshop meetings
  • meetings with the industry
  • partner in research projects on carp nutrition and breeding
  • contribute with knowledge advice on establishing and running the breeding program of common carp
  • organize a conference in Serbia

Knowledge from the project is essential to increase the production capacity and improve the profitability for Serbian aquaculture sector. The marked situation is good for locally produced fish because there is a deficit of fish on the Serbian and regional markets. The total area covered with fish farms in Serbia is around 13 000 hectares. Total fish production is about 12 000 tones, of which 10 000 t carp and 2 000 t rainbow trout.

Forskere i ROSA-prosjektet på Balkan. Foto: Nofima, Mette Sørensen

Forskere i ROSA-prosjektet på Balkan.

Foto: Nofima, Mette Sørensen

Karpe strykes for melke. Foto: Nofima, Mette Sørensen

Karpe strykes for melke.

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