Promotion of Sustainable Management of Fish and Crayfish Resources in Inland Waters and Environmentally Friendly Aquaculture


Startdato 1. januar 2009
Sluttdato 1. mars 2010
Finansiert av The EEA and Norway Grants
I samarbeid med Latvian Fish Resources Agency (Lead partner), Latvian Crayfish and Fish Farmers Association, University of Latvia.

The purpose of the project is improving local management of inland water fish resources and aquaculture to obtain sustainability of inland fish resources and aquaculture.

The development of Latvian Inland Waters Fisheries and aquaculture today are partially limited. It is considered that the main reasons are:

  • incomplete employment of the fisheries potential of small reservoirs
  • absence of recruitment to special education in aquaculture and fisheries
  • incomplete collection of information, summarization and operation of statistics dates in aquaculture and inland waters fisheries

To face these limitations, the PROMIWA project was initiated. The implementation of the project is possible due to the financial support from the EEA and Norway Grants.

The project is divided into the following sub-activities:

Activity 1.
Introduction of an aquaculture approach into fish and crayfish resources management in small lakes

Activity 2.
Training of project target groups, such as aquaculture managers and farmers, and preparation of academic courses including preparation of training programmes and training materials.

Activity 3.
Development and implementation of Latvian Inland Waters Fisheries and Aquaculture Information System (LIAIS), which will be the platform for collecting, processing and reporting data to the European Commission on aquaculture enterprises.

Activity 4.
Publicity related activities, such as development of the project website, information and dissemination seminars and workshops.

Dam i Latvia med blanding av karpe og regnbueørret i oppdrett. Foto: Nofima, Solveig van Nes

Dam i Latvia med blanding av karpe og regnbueørret i oppdrett.

Yngel. Foto: Nofima, Solveig van Nes


Yngel. Foto: Nofima, Solveig van Nes