CARE-WASTE, Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of innovation Project


Startdato 1. oktober 2011
Sluttdato 30. september 2013
Finansiert av Hellenic Republic, Ministry of Education Lifelong Learning and Religious affairs, State Scholarships’ Foundation (I.K.Y) Directorate of special programmes of International scholarships Division of European Union Programmes.
I samarbeid med 1. National School of Public Health (University, Hellas), Contact person: Dr. Georgios Dounias 2. BIOGNOSIS (NGO, Hellas), Contact person: Dr. Zoi Gerogiou (Coordinator) 3. Biointech (RTD, Boulgaria), Contact person: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anna Kujumdzieva 4. Technological Educational Institute of Larissa (University, Hellas), Contact person: Prof. Dr. Panagiotis Plageras 5. ERBIL Project Consulting Engineering Co. Ltd. (NGO, Turkey), Contact person: Civil Engineer Altan Dizdar

The project “Competence based e-learning in general & health care waste management for new skills development - CARE-WASTE” refers to LLP - sub-programme Leonardo da Vinci, measure Transfer of Innovation.

It complies with Objective 1; operational objective 2; LdV EU priority LEO-TraInno-7, and EL priorities 1 and 3. The reason for the project is rooted in the need for promotion of economic growth, being of crucial importance for combating unemployment.

The proposed project CARE-WASTE responds to the “new skills for new jobs” strategy, which outlines new demands for learning seeking, for shift from “knowledge” to “competence” and for implementation of a system based on learning outcomes and competences in the sector of Waste Management.

The main aims of the project are to transfer and focus the WASTE-Train e-program on critical competences needed for the target groups to;

  • assess and upgrade the learning program design for improvement with introduction of competence-based management;
  • offer learning outcomes based model devoted to direct (trainees, apprentices, employees, job-seekers, unemployed) and indirect (employers, trainers, managers, VET professionals, decision makers) project beneficiaries.

Its objectives comprise: definition of “transfer of innovation” learning program; convenient multimedia design and selection of program components; outline of learning outcomes and formulation of their structure and grading scale; testing the program; development of a model for transferability of learning outcomes; valorization of CARE-WASTE results.

The CARE-WASTE consortium, that will implement the proposal, is organized on the basis of different background, professional expertise and experience of the partners. It unifies 6 partners from 4 EU countries – BG (P2), EL (P0, P1, P3), NO (P4), TR (P5), and comprises a National (EL) VET organization (P0), an NGO, 2 R&D Centres, University and a SME.

The project consortium consists of members with wide experience in different national/EU initiatives. It possesses the necessary capacity and competence for implementation of the proposal and realization of its main aims. The process of “transfer of innovation” will be supported by representatives of VET professionals, decision makers, and social partners.

The CARE-WASTE tangible and intangible results are: issue of CARE-WASTE project road map; operable CARE-WASTE e-based system for project implementation; functional competence based learning model in project target sector; innovative competence based catalogue of learning resources in “General and health care waste management”.

The results will be tested and implemented at a broad national/international scale. Their sustainability will be supported by cluster formation with other national/EU initiatives. The project impact envisaged will contribute to reduction of unemployment and will realize a marked social effect promoting gender equality and offering user-friendly training opportunities for all.

The project is mangaged by the National School of Public Health, Hellas.

Kick off meeting picture (December 9-10, 2011. Athens-Greece)

Kick off meeting picture (December 9-10, 2011. Athens-Greece)