Consumers in changing environment - the case of Russia


Startdato 31. desember 2005
Sluttdato 30. desember 2008
Finansiert av Norges forskningsråd, Fiskeri- og havbruksnæringens landsforening (FHL) - Pelagisk forum

The main objective of this project is to develop up to date knowledge of the Russian consumers' food choice behaviour, with emphasis on herring.

The dramatic changes in economic and social environment in Russia during the last decade will probably have had influence on food choices in Russia, and adolescents especially. The sub-goals of the project are:

  1. To identify Russian Consumers' main food choice motivations in relation to actual behaviour.
  2. Explore adolescents' relative food preferences and compare them to adults' preferences in order to detect possible trends.
  3. Explore Russian meal structure in order to identify differences in attitudes, preferences and behavioural patterns.

Nofima Market intends to achieve these goals through analysing Russian consumers' food choice motives and their perception of risk in choosing specific foods.


We will further identify and analyse the relative preference structure among Russian consumers and relate it to actual food choice.

Both qualitative and quantitative methods in will be used in our study in order to secure high quality and relevant data.

The development in Russia opens for many interesting questions. For example how does the new structure and supply situation influence consumer choices? Are there differences between young people's preferences and attitudes and the older generation?

This is interesting because these two generations have experienced quite different supply and marketing situations:

The young who have been exposed to massive marketing efforts and diverse supply of products, and the older generation who has experienced the Soviet era with product shortages and endless shopping queues.

If there are differences in preference structures, they may reflect in changes in Russian food consumption habits in the long term.


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