Environmental impacts of commercial cod culture: Effects on wild cod populations?


Startdato 31. mai 2005
Sluttdato 30. desember 2005
Oppdragsgiver Norges forskningsråd

The finfish aquaculture industry in cold-water regions has recognized the need to move beyond farming of salmonids and diversify into alternate species. Both in Norway and Canada, attention has recently been directed especially towards Atlantic cod.

The rapid commercialisation of Atlantic cod farming causes concerns with respect to environmental integrity. Experiences from commercialisation of salmonids have clearly shown that such concerns should be addressed following a precautionary approach, with the aim to develop a sustainable cod aquaculture industry.

The environmental impacts of commercial cod culture will be addressed proactively through initiating projects and stimulating to mobility between Canadian and Norwegian scientists. This concurs with the institutions international strategies and strengthens our first year participation in a Norwegian-Canadian research project, which is funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

The proposed project aims to be the first step in a larger and more long-term bilateral collaboration within this important field.