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Startdato 1. januar 2009
Sluttdato 31. desember 2010
I samarbeid med SIFO, Norway, University of Iceland & Landspitali-University Hospital, Unit for Nutrition Research, Iceland, National Food Institute, Department of Nutrition, Denmark, National Consumer Research Centre (NCRC), Finland, Center for Consumer Science (CFK), Sweden

Despite the increasing consumption rates of unhealthy fast food, young people report trying to avoid eating unhealthy. This indicates a fast food market with untapped potential when it comes to offering healthier options.

Possibilities and barriers for new, healthy concepts in the fast food sector.

The YoungHealth network's point of departure is that people today, and youth in particular, would eat healthier if they had easier access to affordable healthy food options in the public sphere.

A major public health threat in today's Nordic societies is the increasing rates of overweight and obesity, especially among children and the young. The fast food sector, which constitutes a main site where young people eat outside the home, is thus an important arena to study in order to open up for changes in this trend.

Innovative concepts
By establishing cooperation between consumer research institutions, authorities and businesses, the Nordic YoungHealth network aims to produce new knowledge on the personal, socio-economic and structural determinants influencing Nordic youths' food practices and preferences in the fast food sector. The aim is to translate this new consumer knowledge into innovative concepts that can lead to better fast food products and menus, and, secondly, to stimulate effective policies which can make healthier choices more easily available for young people.

To be able to develop concepts, we aim to listen to the ‘Voice of the consumers' for the specific user group aged 15-29 years.


  • Develop common guidelines, grid and questionnaire regarding web survey, field work and testing of new healthier food product.
  • Data collection. Develop common Nordic guidelines and web survey questionnaires. Analyze findings.
  • Field Work. Develop common guidelines & grids. Analyze findings.
  • Testing of new product. Identify new and healthy food concept. Testing of product on young people.

Project team
Project manager: Kjersti Lillebø, SIFO, Norway

Project participants:

Helene Brembeck, Center for Consumer Science (CFK), Sweden

Johanna Mäkelä, National Consumer Research Centre (NCRC), Finland

National Food Institute, Department of Nutrition, Denmark

Margit Velsing Groth og Mette Rosenlund Sørensen fra DTU, Danmark

Øydis Ueland, Nofima Mat AS, Norway

Alfons Ramel, Landspitali-University Hospital, University of Iceland

Unit for Nutrition Research, Iceland


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